Tate Digital

28 Sep 2022

Tate Digital

Tate is a high end, minimalist range offering both conventional and digital mixers. The Tate range is presented in a diverse range of exquisite colours and finishes to match your specific interior setting and colour scheme.

Tate digital mixers feature Swiss technology and are backed with full technical support by Felton.

Tate digital mixers prevent spikes in water temperatures when other taps in the residence are used. A safer product choice, especially when there are children or the elderly in the household.

Memory settings allow users to select their preferred temperature and flow* at a touch of the button. Coloured LED lights intuitively indicate temperature changes – blue for cold, orange for warm and red for hot. Other features include programmable maximum run time/temperature, gradual temperature changes and an ambient light setting function.

Unlike conventional mixers and tapware, the temperature/flow controller is separate from the mixer itself, which can be installed in the ceiling or inside the vanity – allowing easy access to the components for diagnostics and servicing.

Key features and benefits:
Suitable for mains pressure only (up to 500kPa)
Available in chrome & PVD finishes
LED lights indicate change in water temperature
Three programmable memory settings for temperature and flow rate*
Programmable maximum run time
Ambient light setting function
Gradual temperature change
5 year warranty

Tate digital mixers are available through specialist plumbing and bathroom merchants.

Learn more about the range of Tate digital products here or our digital range here.

*Fixed flow rate only, i.e. no flow adjustment function. If you would like to control the flow rate for this product, simply purchase the Tate Digital Shower Mixer and pair it with the Tate Wall Mounted Spout.