Considering A Bathroom Refresh

28 Jan 2016

Considering A Bathroom Refresh

Considering a bathroom refresh? Things to consider before you start:

1.  Budget - always try and get a general idea of what you are prepared to spend.

2.  Hidden problems - check for any hidden costs, age, condition of the building especially plumbing and electrical.

3.  Design style and functionality - very crucial to work out exactly what you'd like and adjusting this to work better if required.

4.  Measurements or size of the area to work with - can have a huge bearing on what you can or can’t put into the bathroom.

5.  Plumbing fixtures and features - this could be wall hung pan, diverter mixer with overhead shower or whatever suits the situation best.

6.  Cabinets, storage and shelving - very important as it’s the least thought about aspect in the bathroom and requires good design.

7.  Walls and flooring - tiling, painting, underfloor heating will depend on budget.

8.  Lighting - Type, size, positioning.

9.  Accessories - crucial for towels, soap dish, soap dispenser. Again, positioning is key.

10.  Ventilation - Good ventilation is vital to a healthy bathroom, extraction light/fan, secure open window etc.

11.  Heating - Heating is crucial as it helps to lower the steam level in the bathroom. Under floor heating, heated towel rail and wall heaters are excellent options.

12.  Time/Deposit/Alternative shower - Indication of start to finish time, deposit arrangements and setting up of a temporary shower if required.

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