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If you're unsure what your pressure system is the Thumb Test is a rough guide: If you can hold your thumb over the outlet of the tap while it is fully turned on (either hot or cold), it is most definitely low pressure. Be careful not to scald yourself when checking the hot supply. Always check with your plumber to confirm.

Whether you're building a new bathroom, renovating or replacing an existing shower, choosing products can be a daunting task with so many different brands and variety on the market. Many consumers base their decisions solely on price or style, but this often results in poor performance as the product may not be suited to their particular situation.

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Avoid waxes, solvents, abrasives, acids and other chemical based cleaning products. Do not use any rough surface materials such as scourers – use a soft/microfiber cloth with warm soapy water to clean your matte black products.

We offer 5 Year Limited Warranty on Product Finish and 10 year warranty + extendable to Lifetime *on replacement parts. Full T+C’s are on our website www.felton.co.nz

Electroplating is a process that uses electric currents to dissolve metal to form a metal coating. Electroplating is harder wearing than powder coating or painting, which is why we have chosen this for our Axiss Matte Black range. Although Electroplating is more durable than powder coating or painting, it is not scratch proof and care should be taken when cleaning and handling the products – just like chrome tapware.

Any metal coating can scratch, but that does not mean it is likely to scratch. Similar to chrome or a polished car - if you get something sharp or hard and scrape it back and forth on the surface it will leave a mark or might even remove some coating. All that should really touch tapware and showerware is skin, microfiber cloths and towels. Rings on fingers can be a risk - but it takes aggressive handling to really be a risk.

The main risk of damage is in the installation and the building phase - once installed, the items need protection until the house is finished. If unprotected, tradespeople carrying large heavy tools and building materials will eventually make contact with expensive fixtures and cause damage. To help solve this issue we recommend your installer leaves the cloth bag the mixer comes in placed over the top of the product until all work is finished.